Microscope: Just Say No to Denial, Part 2

In “Microscope” we strive to give you the best of what TV journalism has to offer; a thoughtful conversation on topics that are essential to community.

Last week we began a conversation on one of the biggest issues facing Wisconsin, the US, and the planet; climate change. It’s a scary topic that no one seems to want to talk about — especially the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. Disturbingly, they’ve instructed their scientific staff to duck any interviews that might address the issue of human-caused climate change in an assertive and honest manner.

So I had to search a little farther afield to find someone outside the state’s tightly-controlled hierarchy to speak on camera. In this week’s installment of “Microscope: Just Say No to Denial, Part 2” retired DNR Secretary George Meyer talks plainly — and without filters — about tradition, disinformation, and the role of the DNR as guardian of our air, water and wild resources.

Microscope: Just Say No to Denial, Part 1

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