Microscope: Fund-a-mentals

Do you like property taxes? Of course not. Who does, right?

But do you like schools that work? Do you like smart kids and a literate populace? Do you want your child to earn a college degree one day? Do you like a workforce that can compete with the Japanese, the Finnish, and the Germans? That all takes money — money to fund schools — and more money than the state of Wisconsin wants to pay for, forcing more and more underfunded school districts to turn to voter referenda.

The formula for school funding in Wisconsin is a white hot mess. Nobody seems to like it, it’s getting harder to both recruit and retain good teachers in Wisconsin, and now the state is funding “two school systems” — a public and a private.

In this week’s “Microscope” Kathy Bernier, from the 68th Assembly District — representing parts of Eau Claire, Chippewa, Jackson, Trempealeau and Clark Counties — talks about how she plans to cut property taxes by 50% and fund schools at the same time.

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