Eau Claire County-City Health Department: Proposed Changes to the City Housing Code – March 8, 2017



Eau Claire County-City Health Department
Public Information Session:
Proposed Changes to the City Housing Code-
March 8, 2017: Topics

1. Introduction
2. Summary of Changes
3. Housing as a Determinant of Health Outcomes
4. Housing Complaint Program
5. Application of Survey Data
6. Process Thus Far
7. Advisory Group Areas of Input
8. Options and Rationale
9. Updated Code Provisions
10. Rental Registration
11. Inspection Program
12. Retaliation Prohibited
13. Timeline Going Forward and Comment Process
14. Contact Information and Important Dates
15. Question and Answer
15a. How does proposed system compare to other communities?
15b. Why did rooming house inspections stop?
15c. Why a new system? Changing out locks between renters? Fee waiver for inspections without violations?
15d. Will there be a change to current code?
15e. Will the fee increase?
15f. Gratitude for housing code changes.
15g. A landlord’s suggestion for the registration process.
15h. UWEC student body representative: Will it be just $5 annually if there are no violations?
15i. Will there be testing for lead in the pipes?
15j. Aren’t there currently preventative measures against lead in the pipes.
15k. How will the code regard owner-occupied versus rental properties?
15l When tenant is responsible for the violation, who will pay the fees?
15m. How much prior knowledge will assessors have? What are the limitations of enforcement? How will registration be publicized?
16. Conclusion

Contact Information:

Shane Sanderson, Director of Environmental Health

(715) 839-4726


Douglas Hoffer, Assistant Attorney

(715) 839-6006


Visit the Eau Claire City-County website: http://www.eauclairewi.gov/departments/health-department

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