Come Together at Eaux Claires Troix

I’m a big fan of music festivals. I love music, especially at outdoor shows, but the real draw is the open vibe of the people. At Eaux Claires Troix, I saw lots of fun, wacky, and loving folks letting loose and letting go of their differences to all come together.

I spoke with Grammy award winner Julieta Venegas, and asked her about the power of music festivals to unite people.

“One thing I like about festivals is that the center becomes the music. Not so much who’s doing it, not only about one artist, but it’s about the whole event. So that brings in a spirit of collectiveness, which is really good, which is something we need in the world right now. We need to unite different ideals.”

“I’ve always thought that no matter how many problems you have, when you go to a show that you like and you listen to the music and everybody starts to sing together, it’s like you forget troubles and you forget the things that make you different from other people and you see what makes you the same which is universalness of needing love and needing to be close to other people and needing spirituality and I think that music is fortunately something that can remind us of that.”