Eau Claire County Board Meeting – December 5, 2017


Eau Claire County Board Meeting – December 5, 2017: Topics

Call to Order

1. Call to Order
2. Honoring of the Flag and Moment of Reflection (Supervisor Nick Smiar)
3. Call of the Roll
4. Approval of the Journal of Proceedings

Public Comment

5. Public Comment



Presentation of Petitions Claims and Communications

7. Rezoning Requests Received:

7.A.Jacqueline & Jeffrey Frase (owner); Eric Knauf (applicant)

First Reading of Ordinances by Committees

8.A. File No. 17-18/068 (1) To Repeal Chapter 16.08 of the Code: County Land Use and Sales . . .
8.B. File No. 17-18/070 (1) To Amend Section 3.20.010 E. of the Code; Benefits of Elected


8.C. File No. 17-18/075 (1) Amending Certain Sections of the County Code
8.D. File No. 17-18/085 (1) To Repeal Section 3.85.005 A. of the Code; Definitions; To Repeal

Section 3.85.015 C. of the Code; Qualifications

8.E. File No. 17-18/091 (1) To Repeal the Asterik in Chapter 2.36 of the Code; to Create Section

2.36.010 of the Code…” Discussion – Action

First Reading of Ordinances and Resolutions by Members


Reports of Standing Committees, Committees, Commissions and Boards under 2.04.160 and Second Readings of Ordinances

Committee on Administration
10.A. File No. 17-18/074 (1) Ratifying a 5-Year Agreement Between Eau Claire and Chippewa
Counties; Authorizing the County Board Chair and the County Clerk
to Execute the Agreement on Behalf of Eau Claire County
10.B. File No. 17-18/076 (1) Approving Alteration of Supervisory District Boundaries Resulting

from New Wards for the City of Eau Claire

10.C. File No. 17-18/078 (1) Moving the 2018 Annual Meeting on Budget from November 13,

2018 to November 7, 2018

Committee on Human Resources
10.D. File No. 17-18/083 (1) Amending the Eau Claire County Human Resources Employee Policy


10.E. File No. 17-18/084 (1)) Abolish One .73 FTE Administrative Specialist II Position and Increase
One .73 FTE Administrative Specialist II Position to .80 FTE
Committee on Planning & Development
10.F. File No. 17-18/072 (1) Amending the 1982 Official Zoning District Boundary Map for the
Town of Clear Creek (rezoning petition for Steven/Joy Walker)
10.G. File No. 17-18/088 (1) Amending the 1982 Official Zoning District Boundary Map for the
Town of Clear Creek (rezoning petition for Jeffrey/Jacqueline Frase)
Committee on Parks & Forest
10.H. File No. 17-18/077 (1) Adopting the Lake Altoona County Park, Master Park Plan;
Supporting Implementation of the Plan as Time and Funding Allows
Chippewa Valley Regional Airport Commission
10.I. File No. 17-18/082 (1) To Reapply for a “Class B” Intoxicating Liquor License for Use in the Restaurant and Lounge, Chippewa Valley Regional Airport, Under Section Wis. Stats. §125.51 (5)(b) 2.


11. Appointment of Sgt. John Staber as County Safety Coordinator (on County Traffic
Safety Commission)
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