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To Sign up for any CVCTV Volunteer activities, either stop by our offices/studio or call Brad at 715 839-5067.

Producers Wanted!
Have an idea for a show? Contact Us!
Office Support/Help
Do you have basic filing and organizational skills? Give us a call.
Production Department
Learn how to capture and edit video for playback on our Community Channel.
Direct, Shoot, and/or run audio for productions
Want to Learn about Studio Lighting? We can always use extra hands.

Give us a Call: 715 839-5067
Program Library
Do you know XML? Help us create and maintain our Program Library.
Archive Tape Library
We’ve got a digitizing project, which requires lots of help.

Are you seeking volunteer hours for school? Or perhaps you are looking for some new skills to learn? Or you want to volunteer somewhere but don’t know what you want to do yet?
Did you know that many of our members were once volunteers? If you don’t have the money to cover our membership fees you can always volunteer with us and earn the membership. And you get to learn a great set of new skills that involve television production, that can translate into shooting your home movies or even that great epic that you’ve always wanted to shoot, but just didn’t know where to start!
Come Volunteer with Chippewa Valley Community Television!  Whether you’re a seasoned pro to television production, or just starting out, we’ll teach you some new tricks.

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I understand that as a volunteer I receive no compensation for my donation of time and work performed for Chippewa Valley Community Television (CVCTV - Eau Claire Public Access). I understand that CVCTV does not provide insurance or coverage of any kind in the event of injury or illness. I certify that the information contained in this application is true and I agree to have any information verified by the CVCTV.
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